December 2009

The support group of mixed Thai-Japanese ethnicity children (NGO) was founded and began their mission. 

October 2010
Thai-Japan Education Development Foundation (TJEDF) was founded and approved in January 2011.

July 2011
Donation project for the victims of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

January 2012
- Agriculture Project was started in Mon state, Karen state, Shan state and Karenni State in Myanmar.
- Technical guidance of hemp fabrics training project was started in Phop Phra district, Tak province, Thailand (Pilot Project).

July 2012
Our projects in ethnic minority regions have been approved by Myanmar government.

November 2012-March 2014
Rice and medical supplies donation for people who live in ethnic minority regions of Myanmar was carried out.

December 2012
The survey of Japanese soldiers’ remains of 2nd World War was started in ethnic minority regions of Myanmar.

December 2013
- Sustainable Agriculture Project for Well-being of Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar was started.
- Medical training for refugees from Myanmar who live in northern Thailand was started.

April 2014
Sustainable self-sufficiency learning center for vocational training was established at Mae Wang district, Chiang Mai.