Thailand and Japan have a history of their relationship for more than 600 years. Nowadays, Japan is considered to have one of the strongest relationships with Thailand, and likewise to Japan. Regarding the travelling, both countries have a lot of travelers. Japanese travelers come to Thailand around 1 million people per year which consider as top 1 or 2 most visiting nationalities each year. There are around 50,000 Japanese who live in Thailand while approximately 20,000 Thai travelers visit Japan per year.

     Since the relationship between Thai and Japan are very close and they have a very good the friendship, so there should keep a promotion of the relations between the two countries to become more closely for the benefit and development of both countries.                                                     

     Despite their good relationship, there is another side which is a problem that needed to be solved. This includes the problem with mixed Thai-Japanese ethnicity children who are facing difficulties in their lives such as poverty, lack of education in Thailand or going to Japan for an illegal work.

     In order to encourage a greater and closer relationship between both countries, it is very important to encourage a better understanding and solving problems which have never been solved should also be encouraged. This will help their relationship to be more completed. Moreover, it is including other new issues which occurred from the relocation between two countries and the issue of long term Japanese residents in Thailand.

     Thai-Japan Education Development Foundation is an organization which was developed from NGO to become a juristic person in Thailand. The Support group of mixed Thai and Japanese ethnicity children was founded in 2009. The aim is to provide a variety of issues arising from the relocation of people between the two countries to promote the good relations of the two countries in view of the development of education. This includes support for mixed Thai- Japanese children. This will help growing the relationship more closely. It also results in the development of general education in Thailand and promotes the understanding between both countries. 

     All the member of Thai-Japan Education Development Foundation would love to receive your encourage and support for goals and objectives of the foundation.

From Thai-Japan Education Development Foundation