Most of ethnic minorities in Myanmar live in rural area so there are insufficient electricity and water supply facilities, medical care and logistic infrastructure for them. Moreover, it is quite hard for them to get enough fund by themselves to improve their living condition.

Even Myanmar government has held democratic development policy in the country, a lot of people in ethnic minorities area still confront with the poverty. Income inequality gap between Myanmar government and ethnic minorities is one of factors that cease-fire and peace-building cannot be built in the country. Therefore, it is urgent task to build good living environment for those displaced person in order that they can return their home country in the future.


                Since agriculture is a main industry for ethnic minorities so we aim to improve their livelihood by promoting agricultural training. We train them about agricultural knowledge and techniques especially cash crops. Besides, we support them to find the market in Thailand and Japan. Moreover, we aim to build the system that ethnic people can improve their life by themselves. We believe that this project can help refugees to return their home country in the future.

Project Duration

1st Phase: Human Resource Development (December 2013 – April 2016) 

-Start proceeding agricultural activities while laying the project foundation (Training center   establishment/Pilot farm preparation)

-Start planning for agricultural training and cash crop farming

2nd Phase: Income Generation (April 2016 – March 2019)

-Enhance agricultural training center to be vocational training center (Learning techniques of agricultural   product processing for fiber products)

-Plan for cash crop farming, develop and sell as processed products

Project Area

1. Training center in Mon state Balah Don Pheid, Myanmar

2. Training center in Kayah stateNyamu, Myanmar

3. Training center in Shan stateDoi Tok Mok, Myanmar

4. Training center in Karen stateNya Li Ah Ta, Myanmar


Download Document : Performance Summary 


Training Center at Mon State





Training Center at Kayah State





Training Center at Shan State





Training Center at Karen State